Where the hell have I been?

January 31, 2017

Well, that’s not an easy question to answer. 

I think I want to start by saying I haven’t been back to Canada but this year they took the visa requirements away so I was thinking on going for the summer, unlucky me I may not be able to go.

I have read about 15 books per year which maybe is a good number (and of course I haven’t write about any of them). This year I’m only hoping to read 3: Las mil y una noches, all the Interview with the Vampire series and maybe finish all Allan Poe’s work.I already finished the first two books of the Vampire one series (next is Interview with the Vampire) and got to the 44th night in the 1001 Nights.

I went to China in summer 2015 to be a part in the Woodenfish program, I might write something about that in the future.

Right now I just wanted to say hi. I’m going on a trip next week to Nayarit and Jalisco, to the beach, I might write something about that too.

I hope this time I will be back for good.

Oh and I almost forgot: thesis, I have to write my thesis this year, so there’s that.


Zacatlan de las Manzanas

January 15, 2014


Once upon a time a really petite girl wanted me to go with her and her friends… but I was working or something, I can’t remember and I couldn’t go.

WARNING. If you watch Google Maps, just make sure it won’t drive you to the same name’s street, in Puebla city since Zacatlan de las Manzanas is a municipality in Puebla state.

Since I didn’t know how to get there I looked up a map and also a good friend of mine told me how to get there. So we took the road around 4.30 pm from Huitzilac. If you go there from Cuernavaca, never do it via Puebla… it just doesn’t make sense, around $100 on tolls, 88 Km and most important, 1.5 extra hours.

When we finally did it, around 11 PM, a layer of fog surrounded the area, it was difficult to drive but being careful enough the fog was no problem at all because it was not so dense. First we had to find a place to eat but most important, to stay. After going around for like half an hour we found a really nice 3 stars Hotel called Hacienda Casagrande(some burger’s place owner told us it was one of the newest) for only $350/night Monday to Friday and Saturday to Sunday it was $420 on Leandro Valle street on a walking distance from downtown. The night was calm and cold (Damn it was cold!), we didn’t know the data but we weren’t prepared for that, it was around 5ºC I guess and humid. Needless to say the room didn’t have a heater so we had to suck it up the first night.


Next morning we went to Piedras Encimadas (stones one on top of the other), a reservation where, well, you can find two big different formations of stones. There’s also a creek and some activities like horse riding, bike riding and zipping. Be careful here, again Google maps took us off the road and we ended up in the mountain where I was afraid we could get out easily because of the mud on the road (and maybe we found some people cutting the trees illegally). To avoid that you just go straight after the gas station and 5 minutes later you will find the deviation on the right. The park doesn’t have a fee but donations are encouraged. You only have to pay for food (which you can bring to the park), bike and zip rental.


I’m not a coffee connoisseur, but that coffee was awful. We noticed it had this weird flavor everywhere and thought it was the water but we had the chance to smell the coffee from a bag and it had the same… something. We noticed this because Veracruz state is really close from here and they make good coffee. We asked and someone told us they grow it around.

We came back early and went to café “El Zaguan”. Same weird taste on coffee. The only nice thing is that they have live music, not so loud so we could talk without making so much effort. They had two different performers, both good enough to enjoy and it was not pricey. Service was poor but not so bad.

Before we went out that night, we bought a heater ($400) from a supermarket and the night sure was better.

Next morning (Sunday) we went to Quetzalapan where a magnificent 300 m waterfall can be seen, but be aware there are 365 downhill steps before you get there. (I don’t know who the guys in the picture are).


All in all was a great trip. We left Zacatlan at 2.15 PM and came back via Hidalgo state and the trip was really better. We got home at 6 PM, ready to take a break and relax before start the week.

I’m back.

January 15, 2014
I will try to update a little more often. 

This blog was supposed to be my travel journal, but I haven’t feel like keeping track of everything, so I will try to do it, this time for real, and since I don’t travel a lot, I will give my opinion on books I read, not that I read a lot, but surely I read more than I travel.

Please be nice with me, my English is rusting every day I don’t practice, so feel free to correct me every time you get the chance.

What if…

March 1, 2011

What if you just have four hours left? What if there’s nothing else?

“Forever’s not so long” it’s a short film, a great one. It’s about a guy called “Hearth Magic Man” and his last four hours. It just made me think, what if…

For some weird reason I can’t embed the video here, so here’s the link. Forever’s not so long.

Just what if…

Man, I have to get a hobby… or a girlfriend.


February 20, 2011

Since I’ve been in this city, I haven’t had the time or the scenery to take a single picture.

Well, today I went to Jamay, and on my way back, I took this picture after lunch, the lake is named Chapala. It was a nice trip. I had the time to be alone and to sing, to feel the wind through my hair (the one who stand still…). And to think, to miss, and most important: to be with myself.

All of that free time, made me remember someone who I’d like to join me, but this time couldn’t. Maybe next time.

Chapala lake.

I used to have a friend.

February 5, 2011

After cleaning the washroom, which took me 3 hours (and still it’s not clean), a Caguama and a good shower, I was remembering about an old friend I used to have.

I was remembering the day he was made, maybe because I had a dream last night, those kind of dreams who you think it might be real just because they haven’t any weird elements on them. The kind of dreams you feel the air going into your lungs and the sun burning your skin, the wind trough your hair. The kind of dreams make you remember and wonder “what if…?” The kind of dreams you wish were real.

Right now I can smell the Cantalope on the table just the same I smelled the woods last night, the freshness of the pines and the dirt still wet after a light rain early morning just minutes before the sunrise. The forest in all it’s magnificence.

Would I see him again? Maybe… I’m just scared…

Hi again.

January 4, 2011

Well, I went outside and I completely forgot about this space here… anyway I have some things to say about my trip to Toronto.

I arrived there as planned, on July 13, 2009 and everything was great. I had to come back because the government asked me to do it, now I’m trying to go back, but that will take some time. I came back to Mexico on November 27, 2010.

If I go back or not, is not the issue now. I met really good people, learned a lot, worked as I never worked before. I had the best and worst time in my life so far. I’m a different guy and I’m surprised how much I changed in a few months.

Now is time to think, keep working hard, and last but not least: save. If I learned something in this trip was one thing “I have to save money” I can write it like Bart on the blackboard a thousand times, but I have to do it.

As the title of this blog, I’m a traveling chilango, I came to my hometown but I’m kind of living on Mexico City too, and I will move to Zapopan, Jalisco in a few days. Wish me luck!

Have a good one!

Hello world!

May 16, 2009

Well, this is my new blog.

I had to change my old one, I got bored about it.

I had to change my old life, I get bored about that too. That’s why I’ll move… with nothing to lose.

It suppose this will be my experience outside Mexico, and to write about curiosities, technology, web 2.0, and everything I care about.

English is not my first languaje, so if I have errors, please forgive me.

I’ll arrive to Toronto on June 13. Yeah!